Carbon Offsetting

Carbon Offsetting

Because we care about the environment and want to do more than just pay lip-service to the idea of sustainable brands and products, we decided to do something about the unavoidable greenhouse gas emissions from our mattress deliveries.

We reviewed data collected during the Green Logistics project relating to the output of carbon from national network-based home deliveries. We wanted to do something about the unavoidable carbon created by the home delivery of our mattresses.

So in 2016 we began supporting the World Land Trust (WLT). For every mattress we sell, we offset over 6KG of carbon by donating to the WLT’s Carbon Balanced Programme which protects and restores wildlife habitats in the tropics. Within a 12-month period, we have pledged to offset over 33 tons of CO₂.

For more information on how individuals and companies can carbon offset, visit the World Land Trust website at

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