Someone recently asked us a great question on Facebook: “What makes your memory foam mattresses different from all the other memory foam mattresses out there?”

We love this question. It has inspired us to write a series of comparison posts for our blog, reviewing other memory foam mattresses against our Nytex ranges. Of course our purely sbjective opinion might be biased, but facts are facts and specs are specs and that is what we are comparing in this post.

Nytex Memory Foam vs Silentnight

Here are two products with links to Amazon. The pricing on Amazon might change over time we will periodically check and post the price below.

Date last checked: 19 April 2017

Nytex Life Memory Foam Mattress, Double - Free Delivery - £219

Silentnight 7-Zone Memory Foam Mattress, Double - Free Delivery - £239

Nytex is cheaper than Silentnight on Amazon today, but they are very close so we will call it a draw.

Nytex Memory Foam 0 - 0 Silentnight

Moving on, let’s compare and review the memory foam specification. Both the Nytex mattress and the Silentnight 7 zone are 20cm deep, but what about the all important memory foam layer?

Memory Foam Comparison:

Nytex Life Mattress – 50KG/m³ memory foam, ergonomically contoured up to 60mm thick.

Silentnight 7-Zone Mattress – Specification not listed.

Hmm. Looks like we can’t compare the memory foam specification because it’s not listed on the Silentnight mattress. I wonder if they don’t think these details are important, or if they don’t really want you to look to closely into the specification?

I think we can award ourselves the point for this comparison.

Nytex Memory Foam 1 - 0 Silentnight

Returns Policy Comparison:

Nytex Life Mattress – 30 Night Risk-Free Trial on Amazon (60 nights on our website).

Silentnight 7-Zone Mattress – Standard Returns Policy

The Nytex Trial is simple. You buy, you try, and if you don’t like it we collect the item (free of charge) and refund you in full.

Things are so simple for the Silentnight mattress. Amazon’s standard return policy specifies that goods must be returned in original condition. Unfortunately the mattresses are compressed and rolled up for delivery, so does original condition mean if you open it you can't return it?

You’re statutory consumer rights allow you to inspect any item bought online as you would in a shop, so you can open the packaging to take a look at it and try it. The problem is if you actually use the item even for one night, then you void your right to cancel as this right only applies to ‘unused’ items.

Lastly if you do inspect the item and want to return it here’s the kicker – you will have to pay the hefty return costs for shipping a full-size double mattress back to Amazon (good luck trying to roll it back up).

Nytex Memory Foam 2 - 0 Silentnight

One last point for review which we think is important to consider in these economic times, which is the country of manufacture.

Country of Origin:

Nytex Life Mattress - Made in the UK

Silentnight 7-Zone Mattress – Not specified

I wonder again, did someone forget to include this information or do they not want to draw your attention to where the mattress is being made?

Surely if the mattress was made in the UK they would proudly declare this? Hmm.

Nytex Memory Foam 3 - 0 Silentnight

In summary it seems that when comparing the Nytex Life range to the Silentnight mattress, you end up drawing a few blanks because information is missing or omitted from the Silentnight mattress listings.

By comparison the Nytex mattress listings offers clarity, so you do buy based on having information about the product? Or do you buy the famous brand name?

We think our values are represented in our products because we list them clearly with all the relevant specification details, we give all customers risk-free trial to try the product for themselves, and all of our products are proudly made in the UK. We also offset over 6KG of carbon for every mattress we make by donating to the Carbon Balanced programme from The World Land Trust. To date we have offset over 33 tonnes of carbon.

We invite you to review the information mattresses on Amazon yourself and draw your own conclusions, and to share any thoughts or comments with us on Facebook.


Team Nytex

Nytex Memory Foam® is a registered trademark of Dare To Do Better Ltd

We have been recognised as an official supporter of the World Land Trust!

For every mattress we sell, we offset over 6KG of carbon by donating to the World Land Trust through their Carbon Balanced Programme which protects and restores wildlife habitats in the tropics.

Within the next 12 months, we have pledged to offset over 33 tons of CO₂.

We believe in responsible business and offering more ethical choices for customers.

Thanks to all our customers who have contributed by making a great choice of purchase.


Team Nytex

Clarity and Honesty

Many brands (including Silentnight, as mentioned in this previous blog post) don't clearly list (or don't list at all) what the specification of their mattresses or memory foam are, so you don't really know what you're buying or how to compare it to other products. We make sure we always list the important specifications of our products as we're very proud of our products.

Better Service

We offer a 60 night trial on our products, so if you're not happy with your mattress we will collect it and refund you in full. We think that is the best service you can offer with a mattress purchase, but amazingly most brands or companies on Amazon don't offer any sort of trial or satisfaction guarantee. It makes you wonder how much confidence they have in their products.

Made in the UK

Our products are made in the UK, so when you buy a Nytex mattress you are supporting the UK economy and UK manufacturing jobs. It is also better for the environment because our products only travel across the UK to get to you, not halfway round the world in oil guzzling shipping tankers.

Carbon Offsetting

For a final piece of good news for the environment, we offset over 6KG of carbon for every mattress we sell. We do this by donating to Carbon Balanced (a World Land Trust programme).

We work to avoid wasting energy and creating unnecessary carbon, but some carbon creation is unavoidable - like the home delivery of a mattress - so we work with the World Land Trust to offset that carbon.

If you have any thoughts or questions, get in touch with us through our Facebook page.


Team Nytex


Nytex Memory Foam® is a registered trademark of Dare To Do Better Ltd.

Thanks to the Daily Mail Online for this article - Why a lie in IS good for you.

University of Chicago scientists found that the risk of diabetes increases by up to 16% if we suffer from a lack of sleep, and having those extra hours in bed (preferably on a comfortable Nytex Memory Foam mattress) can counteract that risk.

‘In this short-term study,' says study author Dr Josiane Broussard, 'we found that two long nights spent catching up on lost sleep can reverse the negative metabolic effects of four consecutive nights of restricted sleep.’

You can read the full article on the Daily Mail website.

5 Ways Sleep Deprivation Affects Your Body and Mind

1. Your brain slows down

2. Your mood becomes unstable

3. Your appetite increases

4. Motor skills are affected while reaction time slows down

5. The ability of your immune system is reduced

For more information, read the Life By Daily Burn article from the Huffington Post.

The importance and role of memory foam density in a memory foam mattress sometimes isn't made very clear, so let me explain the basics:

Memory foam density, usually expressed as KG/m³ (kilograms per cubic meter) is the clearest indication of the quality of the memory foam and the production cost as higher density foams physically have more material in them.

When you see the foam density of a mattress, for example 50KG/m³ it means simple that one cubic metre of the memory foamfoam (a square block 1m x 1m x 1m) will weigh 50 kilograms.

Common Retailer Issues

Having worked in online mattress retail for over five years, I came across a number of issues first hand that I want to make consumers aware of.

3. Density ratings. relation to firmness and ILD / IFD ratings

Some retailers advertise the memory foam density in relationship to the firmness of the mattress which is wrong. Memory foam density is in no way an indicator of the firmness of a mattress as low density foams can be firm, and high density foams can be soft.

Some brands describe products by saying 'density rated as',which I think is misleading as density isn't rated - it is a simple measurement of weight. Using the term 'rated' makes it sound like a subjective value rather than a fact.

2. Foam density not adjusted for so-called airflow holes or channels

You often see mattresses with so-called airflow holes or channels cut into the foam, like in the pictures below:

Apart from my own opinion regarding the effectiveness of these so-called cooling channels (have you ever seen these designs tested or proven?) here is my other problem with them:
If you cut holes in memory foam and remove material from the foam, you are effectively lowering the density of that layer of foam. So where you see a mattress in this style listed with the foam density, you have to ask did they adjust the density advertised to take into the account the material they removed? If a mattress uses 50KG/m³ foam and 15% of the material is removed to make these holes, it effectively reduces the density to 42.5KG/m³.

I have the same issue with the egg box or cratered style of foam:

In previous years (at a different memory foam company) manufacturers would promote this style of foam as a way to make products cheaper, rather than better. If you take our Nytex Pro 700 mattress for example - it features a 7cm top layer of 50KG/m3 memory foam (without holes or channels or any other nonsense).

If we were to use the cratered foam style, we could cut two 7cm layers from one 10cm thick piece of memory foam. Imagine the style pictured above with a 3cm solid lower part, and 4cm in the bumps and craters. The opposite half of the layer would use the opposite 4cm in bumps and craters, with another 3cm solid base.

Doing this would cut the physical cost of the memory foam by about 30% while also lowering the effective density by 30%. Again, ask your retailer how their density was measure before you buy a topper or mattress with this style of foam - or better yet - buy a Nytex memory foam mattress from us (we admit to being biased on this point).

1. Brands or retailer lie, or don't know what the density is

Some brands and retailers might lie about the density they use in the memory foam because they know that most customers won't actually check the density (or don't know how to check) after they've bought the product.

I know this for a number of reasons.

The first clue is usually in the price of the product, so if the specification looks too good to be true... you know the rest. Genuinely high-spec products should carry a higher price tag for obvious reasons.

The second indicator can be applied to toppers where the weight of the item is listed. Using some fairly simple maths (and a free density calculator) you can check the weight of the item matches up to the density listed as follows:

Density in KG/m³ = Mass (weight in KG) divided by the volume in metres (length x width x height)

(Just remember to calculate the volume in metres, so a double mattress length of 190cm is 1.9 metres.)

This formula only applies to toppers as mattresses are usually made up of a number of components or layers. Also bear in mind a topper will weigh more with a cover on.

And if you think it's impossible that some brands or retailers don't know what goes into their products, then you haven't seen the problems reported by the BBC on the Fake Britain Special: Furniture Inferno.

About Nytex Memory Foam

Avoid the pitfalls above by buying from us on our website or from

All the specifications of our products are clearly listed, and all of our products are made in the UK by our NBF approved manufacturing partner (with over 30 years in the business).

Nytex offers trusted, genuine products and all with a 60 night trial, so you can't go wrong.

Jeremy - Founder

Nytex Memory Foam­­®

Dare To Do Better Ltd

(Thanks go to for use of image of the feet on the bed)

Eat Breakfast, Sleep Better

January 12, 2016

I remember reading an article a few years ago about the potential impact that eating breakfast can have on your sleep quality.

The article was relating the advice of Dr Nerina Ramlakhan (the author of Tired But Wired) who says:

"There are these fallacies swirling around that not eating before bed, or not eating lettuce or tuna, can help you sleep, but it's more crucial that you eat breakfast first thing in the morning, in what I call a 'metabolic window'. It's a timeframe in which you can give your body an important message. It tells it that in your world there is an adequate supply of food, it can relax, and that it can fall into sleep mode when it needs to."

I read the book review in the Independent years ago but thought about it today while eating my breakfast (scrambled eggs, bacon, avocado and tomato, in case you were wondering).

If you're not getting great quality sleep and you skip breakfast, why not try a simple change in eating habits and see if your sleep improves?



As it's January and lots of us are thinking about setting goals or resolutions for the year ahead, we thought it would be the perfect time to restate the goals and mission of our company.

It's pretty simple, but out goal is to serve people better by being socially and ethical responsible.

How does this apply to what we actually do?

Better Products:

We only offer products that provide a significant life value, and that are made with high spec materials in the UK. We market them clearly and honestly, and at a price that's fair.

Better Service:

We offer all products with a 60 night trial. If you're not happy with a Nytex product, just email us and we'll collect for free and refund you in full.

Better For The Planet:

Delivery of all Nytex mattresses is carbon neutral, thanks to our support of Carbon Balanced (a World Land Trust programme). At the end of every year we calculate the carbon emissions caused by our deliveries and we offset that amount with an appropriate donation to the WLT.

These goals are just the beginning. As we hope to expand and grow in 2016, we want to raise the bar even higher.

Happy 2016 everyone!

Jeremy - Founder

Nytex Memory Foam®

Dare To Do Better Ltd (UK)

 Nytex brand values