As a mattress company it would be easy for us to go overboard talking about the health benefits of sleep, but we wanted to share a link to this specific article which cites a recent study by the University of Glasgow.

"Sleeping too much or too little can increase the likelihood of becoming obese, researchers have discovered.

The study found abnormal sleeping patterns increased the risk of being overweight for those genetically predisposed to obesity.

The effect was seen regardless of diet, health or socio-demographic group."

Read the full article on the BBC Website:

Thanks to the Daily Mail Online for this article - Why a lie in IS good for you.

University of Chicago scientists found that the risk of diabetes increases by up to 16% if we suffer from a lack of sleep, and having those extra hours in bed (preferably on a comfortable Nytex Memory Foam mattress) can counteract that risk.

‘In this short-term study,' says study author Dr Josiane Broussard, 'we found that two long nights spent catching up on lost sleep can reverse the negative metabolic effects of four consecutive nights of restricted sleep.’

You can read the full article on the Daily Mail website.

5 Ways Sleep Deprivation Affects Your Body and Mind

1. Your brain slows down

2. Your mood becomes unstable

3. Your appetite increases

4. Motor skills are affected while reaction time slows down

5. The ability of your immune system is reduced

For more information, read the Life By Daily Burn article from the Huffington Post.