Product Comparison - Nytex Life Mattress vs Silentnight 7 Zone

Someone recently asked us a great question on Facebook: “What makes your memory foam mattresses different from all the other memory foam mattresses out there?”

We love this question. It has inspired us to write a series of comparison posts for our blog, reviewing other memory foam mattresses against our Nytex ranges. Of course our purely sbjective opinion might be biased, but facts are facts and specs are specs and that is what we are comparing in this post.

Nytex Memory Foam vs Silentnight

Here are two products with links to Amazon. The pricing on Amazon might change over time we will periodically check and post the price below.

Date last checked: 19 April 2017

Nytex Life Memory Foam Mattress, Double - Free Delivery - £219

Silentnight 7-Zone Memory Foam Mattress, Double - Free Delivery - £239

Nytex is cheaper than Silentnight on Amazon today, but they are very close so we will call it a draw.

Nytex Memory Foam 0 - 0 Silentnight

Moving on, let’s compare and review the memory foam specification. Both the Nytex mattress and the Silentnight 7 zone are 20cm deep, but what about the all important memory foam layer?

Memory Foam Comparison:

Nytex Life Mattress – 50KG/m³ memory foam, ergonomically contoured up to 60mm thick.

Silentnight 7-Zone Mattress – Specification not listed.

Hmm. Looks like we can’t compare the memory foam specification because it’s not listed on the Silentnight mattress. I wonder if they don’t think these details are important, or if they don’t really want you to look to closely into the specification?

I think we can award ourselves the point for this comparison.

Nytex Memory Foam 1 - 0 Silentnight

Returns Policy Comparison:

Nytex Life Mattress – 30 Night Risk-Free Trial on Amazon (60 nights on our website).

Silentnight 7-Zone Mattress – Standard Returns Policy

The Nytex Trial is simple. You buy, you try, and if you don’t like it we collect the item (free of charge) and refund you in full.

Things are so simple for the Silentnight mattress. Amazon’s standard return policy specifies that goods must be returned in original condition. Unfortunately the mattresses are compressed and rolled up for delivery, so does original condition mean if you open it you can't return it?

You’re statutory consumer rights allow you to inspect any item bought online as you would in a shop, so you can open the packaging to take a look at it and try it. The problem is if you actually use the item even for one night, then you void your right to cancel as this right only applies to ‘unused’ items.

Lastly if you do inspect the item and want to return it here’s the kicker – you will have to pay the hefty return costs for shipping a full-size double mattress back to Amazon (good luck trying to roll it back up).

Nytex Memory Foam 2 - 0 Silentnight

One last point for review which we think is important to consider in these economic times, which is the country of manufacture.

Country of Origin:

Nytex Life Mattress - Made in the UK

Silentnight 7-Zone Mattress – Not specified

I wonder again, did someone forget to include this information or do they not want to draw your attention to where the mattress is being made?

Surely if the mattress was made in the UK they would proudly declare this? Hmm.

Nytex Memory Foam 3 - 0 Silentnight

In summary it seems that when comparing the Nytex Life range to the Silentnight mattress, you end up drawing a few blanks because information is missing or omitted from the Silentnight mattress listings.

By comparison the Nytex mattress listings offers clarity, so you do buy based on having information about the product? Or do you buy the famous brand name?

We think our values are represented in our products because we list them clearly with all the relevant specification details, we give all customers risk-free trial to try the product for themselves, and all of our products are proudly made in the UK. We also offset over 6KG of carbon for every mattress we make by donating to the Carbon Balanced programme from The World Land Trust. To date we have offset over 33 tonnes of carbon.

We invite you to review the information mattresses on Amazon yourself and draw your own conclusions, and to share any thoughts or comments with us on Facebook.


Team Nytex

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Nytex Staff
Nytex Staff