Reactive Fresh covers

We often get asked about our new Reactive Fresh cover material as used on the Nytex Life Mattress and the Nytex Hybrid Mattress.

The Reactive Fresh covers utilise two types of technology, one we call Reactive and one we call Fresh.

The Reactive technology actively works to wick away moisture from the mattress which aids in keeping you cool and dry on warm nights.

The Fresh technology is an anti-microbial technology which fights bacteria and odours while inhibiting dust-mites.

Both technologies are inherently built into the material so remain active even after the conveniently removable covers are washed.

Whether you choose the Nytex Life memory foam mattress, or the Nytex memory foam and pocket spring Hybrid mattress, you will feel the added benefits of these advanced cover materials in improving your sleep environment.

Team Nytex

Team Nytex
Team Nytex