Gender Equality

We don't blog very often, because quite frankly who wants to sit around reading blogs from mattress companies?

However, we are blogging today about an important issue and an improvement we made to our website thanks to an email from a member of the public.

Without making a conscious decision to promote our products this way, we had setup our website homepage using only images of women. The women were featured on a bed of course, so were logically dressed in suitable, casual nightwear.

A member of the public visiting our site pointed this gender inequality out to us, and we realised that this was not a suitable way to advertise our brand and products. We had selected the images based on the format and colours and how well they fit the homepage.

Now we are glad to say we have changed the images and have a balanced use of images featuring couples and a family - and the website looks better for it!

Our thanks go out to Mandy who emailed us about this issue. We will be more conscious of our images choices in future!

All the best,

The Team at Nytex

Team Nytex
Team Nytex