Eve Hybrid vs Simba vs Nytex Hybrid

Eve Hybrid vs Simba vs Nytex Hybrid

Some key points for comparison between the Eve Hybrid Mattress, the Simba Hybrid, and the Nytex Hybrid Mattress.

Details based on the 5ft King Size model:

Spring Count:  Eve 713, Simba 2500, and the Nytex Hybrid 1000

Zoned Support? Yes, Yes and Yes

Delivery: Free, Free and Free

Trial with Free Returns? Eve 100 Nights, Simba 100 Nights, Nytex 60 Nights

Made in the UK? Yes, Yes and Yes

Price: Eve £549, Simba £699, Nytex Hybrid £279

Where to start? Review the Nytex Hybrid Mattress spec in our shop on the link below:

Shop - Nytex Hybrid Mattress

Team Nytex
Team Nytex