Nytex Values and Why They Matter

Clarity and Honesty

Many brands (including Silentnight, as mentioned in this previous blog post) don't clearly list (or don't list at all) what the specification of their mattresses or memory foam are, so you don't really know what you're buying or how to compare it to other products. We make sure we always list the important specifications of our products as we're very proud of our products.

Better Service

We offer a 60 night trial on our products, so if you're not happy with your mattress we will collect it and refund you in full. We think that is the best service you can offer with a mattress purchase, but amazingly most brands or companies on Amazon don't offer any sort of trial or satisfaction guarantee. It makes you wonder how much confidence they have in their products.

Made in the UK

Our products are made in the UK, so when you buy a Nytex mattress you are supporting the UK economy and UK manufacturing jobs. It is also better for the environment because our products only travel across the UK to get to you, not halfway round the world in oil guzzling shipping tankers.

Carbon Offsetting

For a final piece of good news for the environment, we offset over 6KG of carbon for every mattress we sell. We do this by donating to Carbon Balanced (a World Land Trust programme).

We work to avoid wasting energy and creating unnecessary carbon, but some carbon creation is unavoidable - like the home delivery of a mattress - so we work with the World Land Trust to offset that carbon.

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Team Nytex


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Jeremy Lawson
Jeremy Lawson