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August 23, 2018

Eve Hybrid vs Simba vs Nytex Hybrid

Some key points for comparison between the Eve Hybrid Mattress, the Simba Hybrid, and the Nytex Hybrid Mattress.

Details based on the 5ft King Size model:

Spring Count:  Eve 713, Simba 2500, and the Nytex Hybrid 1000

Zoned Support? Yes, Yes and Yes

Delivery: Free, Free and Free

Trial with Free Returns? Eve 100 Nights, Simba 100 Nights, Nytex 60 Nights

Made in the UK? Yes, Yes and Yes

Price: Eve £549, Simba £699, Nytex Hybrid £279

Where to start? Review the Nytex Hybrid Mattress spec in our shop on the link below:

Shop - Nytex Hybrid Mattress

Gender Equality

February 09, 2018

We don't blog very often, because quite frankly who wants to sit around reading blogs from mattress companies?

However, we are blogging today about an important issue and an improvement we made to our website thanks to an email from a member of the public.

Without making a conscious decision to promote our products this way, we had setup our website homepage using only images of women. The women were featured on a bed of course, so were logically dressed in suitable, casual nightwear.

A member of the public visiting our site pointed this gender inequality out to us, and we realised that this was not a suitable way to advertise our brand and products. We had selected the images based on the format and colours and how well they fit the homepage.

Now we are glad to say we have changed the images and have a balanced use of images featuring couples and a family - and the website looks better for it!

Our thanks go out to Mandy who emailed us about this issue. We will be more conscious of our images choices in future!

All the best,

The Team at Nytex

Normal shipping has resumed!

October 13, 2017


Earlier in October there was a foam shortage in the UK that affected our lead times, but we are pleased to announce that foam production has now returned to normal.

As of today Oct 25th we are now back to 1-2 day delivery times.

Thanks go to all of our recent customers for their patience!

Team Nytex

We often get asked about our new Reactive Fresh cover material as used on the Nytex Life Mattress and the Nytex Hybrid Mattress.

The Reactive Fresh covers utilise two types of technology, one we call Reactive and one we call Fresh.

The Reactive technology actively works to wick away moisture from the mattress which aids in keeping you cool and dry on warm nights.

The Fresh technology is an anti-microbial technology which fights bacteria and odours while inhibiting dust-mites.

Both technologies are inherently built into the material so remain active even after the conveniently removable covers are washed.

Whether you choose the Nytex Life memory foam mattress, or the Nytex memory foam and pocket spring Hybrid mattress, you will feel the added benefits of these advanced cover materials in improving your sleep environment.

Team Nytex

The Nytex Hybrid has a 5 star rating on Amazon (from verified, independent reviews) and we're very proud of it, so we thought we would share some:

5.0 out of 5 stars

By MyKeyReviews, TOP 500 REVIEWER! on 11 May 2017

I was very relieved to see the mattress arrived vacuum packed in a compact size, this allowed for easy transportation in the back of the car.

When I got back home, all I had to do was simply unpack it and leave it to air out for a couple of hours so it could regain its size.

I am used to the generic spring styled mattress and have never gone for something like a memory foam before, so this experience was very new to me.

Initially I wasn't too sure about the mattress as it doesn't have that immediate softness or bounce, though shortly after, you start to "melt" in it. This is definitely the most comfortable mattress I have ever slept on to date.

I've been using this mattress for the last week and every single night has been extremely pleasant with me waking up with no aches whatsoever; something that may have been caused by the springs in the mattress beforehand.

Based on my experience, I couldn't recommend this enough.


We heard this a lot last year:

"I like the comfort of memory foam, but I like the bounce of springs. Why doesn't Nytex make a hybrid mattress?"

So now we do! It's called (rather predictably) the Nytex Hybrid mattress and it combines top quality memory foam - 50KG/m­³ density - with 1000 individual pocket springs (equivalent to a 150cm King Size).

This type of hybrid mattress is also called a foam-spring combination mattress, and we think it's rather good. It comes with our usual free trial with free returns, so why not give it a try?

Team Nytex

As a mattress company it would be easy for us to go overboard talking about the health benefits of sleep, but we wanted to share a link to this specific article which cites a recent study by the University of Glasgow.

"Sleeping too much or too little can increase the likelihood of becoming obese, researchers have discovered.

The study found abnormal sleeping patterns increased the risk of being overweight for those genetically predisposed to obesity.

The effect was seen regardless of diet, health or socio-demographic group."

Read the full article on the BBC Website: http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-scotland-glasgow-west-39127601

Rounding out a great year with a wonderful, independent review for the Nytex Core Memory Foam Mattress.

Happy New Year!

iLoveMattress Review


With the changing political landscape in America and a new President on the way, the forecast for the environment looks dim. We think it's never been more important than right now for private companies and individuals to take action to protect the environment.

From day one we have offset over 6KG of carbon for every mattress we've sold, and in co-operation with the World Land Trust we have pledged to offset over 33 tonnes of carbon by July 2017.

We are proving that ethical consumer choices don't have to be expensive ones.